Carwash Branding

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Be Strategic

When considering your brand, you want your community to view your carwash positively so they can feel confident choosing your service again and again as club members.

Wear and tear, inconsistency, and obscurity can all negatively affect brand loyalty. The EC team works with you to ensure you’re using your branding strategically.

What We Do

Create A Strong, Cohesive Brand


Improve Equipment

Replace tired equipment with thoughtfully selected versions aligned with your brand standards. We only choose equipment that stands the tests of time and high-volume production in your wash.

Build Brand Awareness

Upgrade your brand through high-impact façade changes and signage designed and carefully placed to require low maintenance.

Generate Sales

Strategically reposition your saved tunnel labor by moving team members to sales-advantaged positions where they can create positive interactions to reinforce your brand.

Our Process

Building A Brand With EC


We comprehensively assess your wash, addressing inconsistencies or pain points in performance, branding, and sales.


The EC team works with you to explore the best solutions and helps generate and facilitate project plans to make sure your brand image shines.


Our wash performance specialists train your team on any new equipment or systems and ensure all signage and updates pass a rigorous quality check.


Why Us?

Building Your Brand With EC

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not bound to any particular machine. At EC, we’re open-minded and passionate about results, so we always look for what branding design elements will be best in your location.


With 75 years of experience and proven data, Express Carwash helps clients assess, improve, and build carwash branding on any scale.

Custom Solutions

Every carwash brand is unique. That’s why you need a versatile partner who can create innovative branding solutions while using strategic planning to boost impact.

Build A Better Brand

The EC team is ready to help you improve your carwash branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will EC help me with my logo?

We are happy to assess your logo and branding standards and provide resources to improve them.

Can EC help me improve my brand standards?

Absolutely. We can help you define the expectations that you have for how you are perceived by the community and customers that you serve.

Will updating my branding confuse clients?

With a thoughtfully designed rollout plan, the EC team works to create a smooth process with a higher level of anticipation and excitement for the improvements coming to your wash.

Have More Questions?

One of our experienced team members will happily help you!

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