Carwash Maintenance

Stay Operational

EC can support you with facilitating an effective carwash maintenance schedule.

Prevention versus Reaction

Typically, components will break at predictable cycle counts, leaving carwash operators with a choice: Be proactive or be reactive.

At EC, we can work with you to proactively evaluate your carwash maintenance schedules and develop a service support plan to prevent urgent repairs and unexpected downtime.

What We Do

The EC Service Plan



Our EC wash performance specialists help you identify your needs and develop a service plan to improve your customers’ experience, wash quality, and business outcomes.


We help coordinate and facilitate service plans and remain available if additional emergency assistance is needed.


We work with you to set up your custom preventative carwash maintenance and service plan to help you mitigate future downtime and unnecessary profit loss.

Why Us?

The EC Advantage

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not beholden to a particular machine. We’re passionate about carwash quality, so we are always looking for what will get the best results. Since we work with all types of carwash equipment, we know how to craft custom service plans based on each owner’s unique context, equipment, and goals.

Advanced Technology

We work with companies worldwide to test and source the most advanced equipment so you can earn more and repair less.


With over 75 years of combined experience and proven data, our owners have helped clients select the right equipment and build service plans based on your goals and the unique challenges of your wash location.

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Our EC specialists are ready to help you create a successful carwash service plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of training do EC technicians have?

Because carwash systems are complex, our EC service team members have diverse backgrounds with formal industrial mechanics training coupled with ongoing training as a part of our EC carwash technician certification process.

I'm acquiring a new wash. Can EC determine what I need?

Yes. Figuring out the best way to make carwashes better is what we love to do!  The sooner we are brought into a process, the more value we can provide to you as the wash owner.

Does EC offer general maintenance training for wash teams?

We partner with a local community college in Kansas City to co-create lab-based training opportunities to help carwash technicians build their knowledge. Our trainings focus on trouble-shooting skills related to carwash equipment systems, industrial mechanics (hydraulics, pneumatics, electric motors, and more), and welding.

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