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When you’re shopping for carwash parts, you want options to feel confident you’re getting the best solution for your business. At Express Carwash, we know the importance of getting it right—and the cost of getting it wrong.

To be a premier supplier of carwash parts, tools, and equipment, we vowed never to be tethered to any particular brand or model. This approach ultimately puts our clients in the driver’s seat of their carwash business.

Carwash Parts, Tools, And Equipment

How EC Can Help

Source Parts

Our certified EC technicians can work with you to review your unique equipment and source the highest-quality parts for your wash.

Equipment Updates

EC wash performance specialists consult with clients on equipment updates, repairs, and purchases to keep them competitive in their markets.

POH System

Our Parts-On-Hand system was developed to be proactive and make the parts you’ll need accessible and convenient so your team has what they need, when they need it.

Our Process

The EC Supply Chain


The EC team will work with you to assess the full scope of your carwash parts, tools, and equipment needs.


Our experienced wash performance specialists will develop a project plan and help coordinate and facilitate a smooth implementation.


We ensure all supplies meet our standards, all parts are installed or replaced, and all equipment is seamlessly integrated into your operations system.


Why EC?

Why EC is your ideal supplier


Equipment Agnostic

Being “equipment agnostic” means we are not beholden to a particular machine. We are always looking for what will get the best results. We work to find the right carwash parts and equipment for each owner’s unique context and goals.

Advanced Technology

We work with companies worldwide to test and source the most advanced carwash parts and equipment so you can earn more and repair less.


With over 75 years of combined experience and proven data, our owners have helped clients select the right parts and equipment based on the unique challenges of your wash location.

Get What You Need

The EC team is ready to help supply the carwash parts, tools, and equipment you need for a successful wash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm acquiring a new wash, can EC determine what it needs?

Yes, that is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do! The sooner we are brought into a process, the more value we can provide to you as the wash owner.

Should I spend my capital on repairs or replacements?

We are more than happy to explore your options and goals to better assist you.

Have More Questions?

One of our experienced team members will happily help you!

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