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The EC wash performance specialists use a thoughtfully designed process to help you identify what minor tweaks or major renovations will be needed to help you achieve your performance goals. We are passionate about excellent service and will thoroughly explore the best options for your unique challenges.

Carwash Performance

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Strategic Planning

We take a systematic approach and create a complete picture of how your systems are working together now, then reimagine with you what is possible.

Comprehensive Assessment

We work with you to collect data about your water and detergent applications, equipment function, and operations coordination when assessing your wash performance.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

We’ll get everything dialed in and work with your operations team to document the settings and processes moving forward.

Our Process

Working with EC


We assess current wash performance, identify areas for improvement, and translate solutions into actionable project plans.


Our EC wash performance specialists help facilitate project plans and coordinate the logistics and implementation.


Our high-level customer service allows us to maintain clear progress updates and evaluate project results.


Why Us?

Partnering With The EC Team


Our 75 years of proven data and experience enable the EC team to help clients improve, navigate, and implement carwash performance projects of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Solutions

Every carwash is unique. That’s why you need a versatile partner who can create innovative carwash performance solutions while strategically avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not tied to a particular machine. Our EC wash performance specialists have experience working with machines of various brands. They understand how carwash systems function and can work with your existing equipment to improve performance.

Improve Your Carwash Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EC require a shutdown during an audit?

No. In fact, for a more accurate wash performance audit, your wash should be assessed in motion and vehicles must be carefully observed (we are looking for clean, dry, shiny cars!).  This allows us to fully understand your current practices and assess your wash quality so we can accurately identify the most important areas for improvement.

How does EC examine wash efficiency?

To get a full overview of your efficiencies, we analyze

  • your goals for cars per hour
  • cost per car for chemicals
  • water quality
  • and many other factors

We then bring our industry experience to make recommendations that will give you the best return on your investment.

What aspects of my carwash performance can EC improve?

We are passionate about carwash performance, and our experience has confirmed that exceptional performance outcomes require that your equipment and operations systems are working well together. We can consult with you to assess both your equipment and your operational systems, find hidden inefficiencies, leverage your talent to produce more sales, and develop a customized plan to keep your carwash running smoothly.

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