Carwash Redesign

Reimagine Your Business

Enhance your business outcomes with your EC carwash redesign plan.

Differentiate Yourself

The EC team helps clients by critically inspecting and periodically updating their brands to match their current needs.

Recognize When It’s Time To Explore Remodeling Options

  • Are you looking to grow your club memberships?

  • Are you experiencing brand degradation because your equipment, building, and signage are not holding up to the harsh carwash environment as well as you had hoped?

  • Does your newer carwash make your older sites feel old and tired?

  • Have you acquired washes that do not reflect your brand standards?

What We Do

Carwash Redesign Capabilities

A Clean Look – New Options – Better Service

Maximize Club Revenue

The carwash industry has shifted to a club-focused business model. If your wash is over 10 years old, your technology probably needs an upgrade to ensure you can fully maximize your club membership revenue. We can explore options together about your carwash redesign needs and set up your new technologies to gain efficiencies.

  • Personalize the wash experience to convert more unique visitors into club members.

  • Reduce labor while you increase your volume.

Find Efficiencies

While your older design may emphasize a great tunnel experience, today’s carwash club members are looking for better customer touchpoints.

The EC team can help you select new technologies that will differentiate your brand from your competitors and significantly impact guests with no downtime. These include:

We use custom solutions to create a unique, high-end experience at your wash.

Reflect Your Community

Carwashes often have a bad reputation for being outdated, so municipalities often hesitate to issue permits for carwashes.

Our EC specialists can help you take a more streamlined approach to your brand and emphasize the value to your community.

  • Redesign your carwash system to fit in a building that fits beautifully into your community.
  • Use EC’s custom solutions to create a unique, high-end customer experience at your wash.
Our Process

Redesign with ROI in Mind



We review your current layout and your goals for your future carwash redesign. We address your concerns, ideas, and timelines using a comprehensive, data-driven approach.


The EC team will explore options to find what will best meet your needs and work with you to choose the right solutions.


Our carwash specialists ensure all the installations and updates are completed efficiently and effectively and stand up to our rigorous quality assurance.

Why Us?

Redesigning with Express Carwash

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not tied to a particular machine. We help clients identify the right carwash equipment to build the best experience possible for each location.

Custom Solutions

Every carwash location is different. You need a versatile partner like EC to help you navigate obstacles with custom, innovative solutions for your carwash redesign.


With 75+ years of experience, we’ve seen everything and done it all – from transforming small gas station tunnels on tight properties to remodeling large double-tunnel flex serve washes.

Explore A New You

The EC team is here for all your carwash redesign needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best spend my time and resources?

One of the first places to start when giving your carwash business some TLC is the customer experience. Enriching everything with which customers interact, see, and hear can help develop their loyalty to your brand and business.

How might a rebrand affect my current club members?

If your carwash branding is outdated, inconsistent, or hard to find, you may miss out on customers who would otherwise choose you. A clean and inviting environment attracts more guests and establishes trust with existing club members.

What level of ROI can I expect from a carwash redesign?

Upgrading your carwash can save valuable time and money in the future. It helps you protect your investment by ensuring its longevity.

  • Installing new, high-efficiency equipment will generate more profit over time.

  • Developing an updated preventative maintenance schedule will create more predictable outcomes and avert unscheduled downtime.

  • Ensuring your branding is front and center will keep you competitive.