EC Case Study:

Dealership Expansion

H&H Shine Shop

Dealership Carwashes: Innovative Synergy

H&H Shine Shop

Omaha, NE


Expansion of dealership offerings

Branding optimization

Increased customer interactions

To keep their dealership customers engaged between buying vehicles, the H&H Automotive group found synergy in carwashing.

Seeing the potential to connect on a regular basis with their customers and also to leverage their dealership reconditioning team’s time more efficiently, H&H Automative partnered with EC. The beautiful new H&H Shine Shop offers customers an innovative carwash experience with a 200-vehicle-per-hour tunnel, a 5-minute detailing option, and self-service vacuums.

The Process

EC’s Professional Guidance

Identifying the opportunity.

H&H Automative wanted to differentiate their brand and more regularly connect with their dealership customers.  Carwash memberships at H&H Shine Shop would create an ongoing positive brand experience and keep customers engaged with H&H between vehicle purchases and maintenance intervals.

Additionally, the high-capacity carwash and dual detail belts would enable them to recondition their own used and auction vehicles faster. Plus, they could offset costs while maximizing how their team members use their time to both serve customers and prepare dealership vehicles for sale.

Delivering solutions.

  • High-capacity 200-vehicles-per-hour tunnel equipment with user-friendly conveyor system
  • 2 people-mover belts with 5-minute full detailing equipment package for customers and dealership use
  • Comfortable customer waiting room
  • Free self-service customer vacuums
  • Bright architectural design to connect multiple H&H Automotive brands and stand out in the community

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