EC Case Study:

Largest Indoor Carwash

Flagship Carwash at One Loudoun

Grand Scale Project

Flagship Carwash at One Loudoun

Ashburn, VA

Massive Vision Execution

Complex Custom Equipment Systems

Game-Changing Customer Experience

They said it couldn’t be done, so Flagship flipped the script and built our nation’s largest indoor carwash facility.

When East coast zoning challenges seemed insurmountable, Flagship Carwash would not be deterred. They partnered with EC to execute their massive vision, give their customers an exceptional experience with full-service carwash options, and dominate their market.

The Process

EC’s Professional Guidance

Identifying the challenges.

Flagship has needed custom solutions to make the right properties work around Washington, DC. After building a Flagship above a Chick-fil-A in Vienna, they called in EC again to help them execute on their even grander vision at One Loudoun. They needed a Flagship hub with higher-volume production capabilities and full-service options. But, zoning restrictions necessitated the only way to get it done was to encapsulate everything inside a single building.

Furthermore, they needed to install custom equipment systems to meet their quality expectations. So, multiple equipment brands needed to function together seamlessly in a massive carwash facility with 65,000 square feet under one roof.

Delivering solutions.

  • Dual tunnels keep long lines moving by washing up to 320 vehicles per hour.

  • A set of three full-production express detail belts can serve up to 180 vehicles per hour.

  • For customers who want more, 10 full-detailing bays are available along with a comfortable waiting area.

  • Customers also have access to 22 free self-service vacuum stations – all indoors and available for use even on rainy days.

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