Carwash Equipment Installation

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EC installations are carefully coordinated so you can both open faster and set your high-capacity wash up for long-term success.

Professional & Concise

When constructing a new carwash, you need the right people to ensure your carwash equipment installation is seamless.

Our EC installation technicians are equipped to work with any equipment, brand, or system, allowing us to help you open faster and wash longer.

Carwash Equipment Installation

Benefits of EC


Thorough Inspection

Our team performs thorough analysis to determine what the land can accommodate, what goals you have, and any obstacles we may encounter.

Accessible Planning

We plan installations with accessibility in mind, making future maintenance convenient and faster.

Custom Solutions

We develop custom solutions for even the most unique or challenging carwash equipment installation.

Our Process

Installing With EC

Design Your Custom Equipment Package

First, our EC Team will help you to select the equipment needed for your particular wash goals and develop a custom project plan.

Install Equipment

After assessing your unique needs and identifying the best solutions, we will coordinate the delivery of your new carwash equipment and mobilize an EC installation team to get everything up and running.

Quality Check & Training

Finally, an EC wash performance specialist will ensure all of our equipment systems pass our rigorous quality check and provide training to set your operations team up for success.


Why EC?

Quality Equipment Installation

Forward Thinking

We think beyond the initial installation by establishing comprehensive training and tools for planning your equipment’s long-term maintenance cycles and longevity.


75+ years of combined experience have given EC the unique ability to leverage data about markets, equipment, and operational practices, to develop a more efficient and profitable business. We love to learn and like to share with our clients.


The EC team remains conscious of deadlines and works hard to be flexible about the timing of projects around your schedule.

Hire A Trusted Carwash Partner

The EC team is ready to help you navigate your carwash equipment installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will EC work with?

Because the EC team is equipment agnostic, we’ll work with and service any brand or model of equipment. We can make customized recommendations based on the project and your goals.

How does EC mitigate delays?

The EC team works to streamline communication with your designers, the construction team, and you. By keeping an open line of communication, we prevent delays and promote accountability.

Can you advise my operations team?

Not only have we helped others, but we have designed, built, and operated our own high-volume, high-ROI express carwashes. We can provide a menu of operations, preventative maintenance, service, and training support to assist you long after completing your project.

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