Carwash Vacuum System

A Better Experience

Keep Them Coming Back

Your members appreciate the experience


Today’s carwash club members are looking for better customer touch points. Offering your customers the right set of amenities, like a carwash vacuum system, is the key to growing your club membership and locking in reliable, consistent revenue.

Carwash Amenities

Benefits of Updating Offerings


Stand Out

The EC team can help you select new technologies to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

No Downtime

Updating many amenities can significantly impact the guest experience without any downtime.

Grow Membership

Improve club membership with mat cleaners, microfiber towel exchanges, air guns, and other detail accessories.

Our Process

Upgrading with Express Carwash


We’ll thoroughly assess the amenities you offer, discuss areas of improvement, and explore goals for the business.


We’ll consult with you on project plans; then, our EC wash performance specialists will help develop and plan your custom solutions.


Our experienced team helps get your amenities installed and ready to improve your guest experience; plus, we work with your operations team to execute on the new experiences you have to offer.


Why EC?

The EC Amenities Advantage



EC’s team has extensive experience and data to help you make the best decisions regarding the right set of personalized carwash solutions that will bring your customers back again and again.

Advanced Technology

We source some of the most advanced technology from manufacturers worldwide to provide you with the best amenities and equipment available.

Equipment Agnostic

We are equipment agnostic, which means we are not tied to a particular machine. We help clients build the best experience possible, so we are always looking for what will work in each context. We aren’t tied to one type of equipment, location, or scope. 

Improve Your Club Member Experience

Add a new carwash vacuum system or towel exchange program to your wash today.

Improve my Amenities

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EC assist in marketing my carwash updates?

Yes. The EC team can help connect you with marketing professionals and facilitate communications to ensure that your marketing strategies align with our proven methods.

What gets done with the used equipment?

It depends. Most used carwash equipment typically has little life left in it when replaced, so we look to recycle what we can.

How does EC manage downtime during updates?

With strategic planning, we maximize our team’s efficiency on the project, limiting downtime and impact on business operations.

Have More Questions?

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