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Express Carwash is growing and building an experienced and dedicated team who share a passion for upholding continuous improvement, embrace our core values, and are committed to expanding our quality of service.

Meet the carwash experts behind everything we do here at EC.

The Hands

The hands of EC are the field teams at the core of what we do.

Our installation teams provide the outstanding quality of service that makes our new builds and remodel projects so efficient.

Our wash performance specialists and field service technicians  are our carwashing experts who know how to analyze your wash’s performance, find solutions to your equipment problems, and ensure all of your equipment and operations systems are working well together.

The Heart

Meet the heart of EC. Our Warehouse, Administration and Finance, and People Teams are the beating heart that keep things moving on track as they coordinate systems to deliver our customer service, fulfill orders, and support our field teams.

The Brains

Scott, Chris, and Nathan are the experienced carwash operators who now also serve as EC’s knowledgeable, passionate leaders and our founding partners.

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Scott Besch


Chris Michael

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Bertsch

Chief Innovation Officer

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