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Reimagine Design Package

Reimagine your business outcomes with your EC carwash design package.

Differentiate Yourself

The EC team helps clients by critically inspecting and periodically updating their brands to match their current needs.

Recognize When It’s Time To Explore Remodeling Options

  • Are you looking to grow your club memberships?

  • Are you experiencing brand degradation because your equipment, building, and signage are not holding up to the harsh carwash environment as well as you had hoped?

  • Does your newer carwash make your older sites feel old and tired?

  • Have you acquired washes that do not reflect your brand standards?

What We Do

Carwash Reimagine Design Package

A Clean Look – New Options – Better Service

Starting at $9,846


Site Scan & Feasibility Assessment

To better understand your location’s potential, the EC team will review your property data and conduct a comprehensive scan of your current wash site. By starting with our scan and feasibility assessment, we can make good decisions to significantly cut down on the time required to remodel.



Conceptual Drawings & Video

To reimagine what’s possible, our EC team will create a set of conceptual drawings with a site layout that will work better to meet your ROI goals. We use custom solutions to create a unique experience at your wash.

Carwash Site Conceptual Drawings




Custom Equipment Package Design

Since we work with most carwash equipment manufacturers, the EC team can help you select new equipment and technologies that will meet your business goals and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Carwash Equipment Drawings and Quote
Why Us?

Redesigning with Express Carwash

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not tied to a particular machine. We help clients identify the right carwash equipment to build the best experience possible for each location.

Custom Solutions

Every carwash location is different. You need a versatile partner like EC to help you navigate obstacles with custom, innovative solutions for your carwash redesign.


With 75+ years of experience, we’ve seen everything and done it all – from transforming small gas station tunnels on tight properties to remodeling large double-tunnel flex serve washes.

Explore A New You

The EC team is here for all your carwash redesign needs.

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