Carwash Construction

Build Together

EC has the knowledge and experience to help you build your carwash – and build your business.

If you look good, you are.

Because their vehicle is probably one of their biggest purchases, carwash customers are looking for a carwash they can trust.

They are image sensitive; because they care about how their car looks, they are looking for carwash operators who care enough to make their carwash look good.

We know about the harsh carwash environment and can advise you on the design of your washes so your building façade, signage, and equipment package will hold up and keep a sharp image for many years.

Make it what you want.

Serving as trusted advisors, the EC team provides the essential guidance, technical skills, and data to turn big carwash dreams into realities. We work with you to hand-pick the business solutions to accomplish your goals.

  • Design/Layout

  • Equipment

  • Amenities

  • & More

Carwash Construction

Plan with the EC Team


Advanced Technology

We work with companies worldwide to test and source the most advanced equipment so you can earn more and repair less.

Data-Driven Decisions

The EC team will help you make informed decisions using proven data on regional demand, equipment standards, and growth potential.

Customized Builds

We address your desired goals, create a custom project scope, and match you with the right equipment for your property and market.

Our Process

Working with the EC Team


Location is key. Your wash’s future potential sales start with the dirt on which you build today. Do you own the land already? If not, we’ll explore and advise you on important location variables.


We consult as you develop your plans. We help you select your equipment and create your drawings. We check the details so the complex equipment and dynamic operations systems will work together seamlessly.


With a carefully crafted EC plan, our installation project teams get to work.


Our EC wash performance specialists help you get your doors open and give you the tools you need to create an exceptional wash experience for customers.


Why EC?

Why choose us as your carwash builders?


With over 75 years of combined experience and proven data, our owners have helped clients build washes of all shapes and sizes across the industry.

Custom Solutions

Every new build has unique challenges. That’s why you need a versatile partner who can customize the solutions you need.

Equipment Agnostic

Being “equipment agnostic” means we are not beholden to a particular machine. We’re passionate about carwash design, so we are always looking for what will work best in each context. We aren’t tied to one type of equipment, location, or scope. We work to build the right carwash for you.

Meet Your EC Team

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you advise me on my carwash build?

That depends on your goals.

  • Do you already own another carwash?

  • What does your location’s data reveal about its potential?

  • What special city codes, zoning, or regulations exist?

As your carwash builders, we ask a lot of questions to ensure you get the right plan. Our experience has taught us what questions to ask and when to ask them.

What is the standard turnaround time on projects?

From carwash design to opening for business, we have completed some carwash projects in as few as 10 months – or it can take years to work through local regulations. We can help you craft a project timeline based on our experiences in your region and from working with many different vendors, contractors, and carwash owners.

What level of involvement should I expect?

The short answer—you can be as involved as you’d like to be.

  • Do you plan to manage the carwash yourself?

  • Are you investing only?

  • What is the particular look, feel, and goal you have in mind?

We work with each client to meet their desired involvement and management goals.