Carwash Repair

Fix it or Flip it

When things are breaking down, EC helps you make the best decisions to find success.

The Breakdown

When equipment breaks down, you need fast solutions to get back to washing sooner. EC’s experience and extensive knowledge of equipment systems can help you pivot to make the best decisions when you are in need of carwash repairs.

When you have an equipment failure and need urgent help, EC brings the experience and knowledge of diverse equipment systems to help you quickly determine the most efficient path to get you back up and washing cars.

What We Do

EC Equipment Repair


Right Course

At EC, our experience has equipped us to know what issues can best be solved through repairs and when the time is right to move forward with replacing broken components.

Parts-On-Hand System

To save time during future repairs and preventative maintenance, the EC team has developed the EC Parts-On-Hand (POH) system so your team can have what they need when they need it most.

Preventative Maintenance

After your new equipment installation, we can provide guidance for your preventative maintenance schedule to keep you operating smoothly wash after wash.

Our Process

Working With EC


Our EC wash performance specialists will assess your unique situation, explore your goals, and identify the right solutions.


We can help you traverse the planning process and strategically map out ideal installation locations, schedules, and contractors.


The EC service technicians help ensure all equipment is fixed or replaced, passes a rigorous quality check, and integrates seamlessly with your operating system.


Why Us?

Partnering with EC


Equipment Agnostic

Equipment Agnostic – def. “Not tied to a particular machine.” Our EC technicians are trained to work with and repair components from various brands, and we can address your issues with any existing equipment.


Our 75 years of experience enable the EC team to help clients navigate, streamline, and implement carwash repair projects of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Solutions

Every carwash is unique. To be a versatile partner, EC remains dedicated to creating innovative carwash repair solutions while strategically managing timing.

Get Back Up and Washing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EC determine if my equipment requires replacement or repair?

To determine the right course of action, the EC team both assesses how your current equipment functions, evaluates each part’s useful life expectancy, and considers opportunities for improved ROI, competitive advantages, and available technological upgrades.

Does EC offer emergency wash assistance?

Absolutely! Many of our client relationships started when they reached out to us to request emergency assistance from our service technicians or wash performance specialists. We are known for being able to quickly diagnose and fix the most frustrating carwash problems.

What level of training do EC technicians have?

Because carwash systems are complex, our EC service team members have diverse backgrounds with formal industrial mechanics training coupled with our EC carwash technician certification process plus participation in ongoing, hands-on training.

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