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Express Carwash

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Express Carwash offers a range of commercial carwash products and amenities to give your wash a competitive advantage.

Our Products

Parts-On-Hand System

A state-of-the-art web portal customized to you that makes ordering parts a breeze.

Detergents & Waxes

Our EC line of premium detergents, waxes, and ceramics helps you provide an efficient and reliable wash.

Vacuums & Amenities

In today’s carwash industry, quality amenities are more vital than ever when attracting new club members.

Parts & Equipment

The EC team can help you replace equipment and restock commercial carwash products.

Our Process

The EC Experience


The EC team evaluates your unique needs with every project, reviews the data, and explores your best options.


Once you select a solution, our EC wash specialists design and facilitate a project plan.


Our certified technicians ensure that all equipment passes a rigorous quality check and provide comprehensive training on your new commercial carwash products and systems.


Why Us?

EC Quality Products


Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not tied to a particular machine. We help clients build the best experience possible, so we are always looking for what will work in each context. We aren’t tied to one type of equipment, location, or scope. 

Custom Solutions

Every carwash project is unique. To help you navigate challenges, you need a versatile partner with custom, innovative solutions like EC.


With 75 years of experience, we’ve built everything from express to full-service washes and installed equipment in America’s largest double-tunnel express carwash.

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The EC team is here to help. Request a site audit today, and we can help assess areas for improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you advise my team on product selection?

The EC Wash Performance Specialists can customize a supply list that meets your quality goals and can also design an EC Parts-On-Hand system to improve your inventory process.

How can I best spend my time and resources?

While there are many places to focus on, one of the best places to focus is the customer experience. Enriching their interaction can help develop loyalty to your brand and business.

If my wash breaks down, can EC get it back up and running?

Absolutely! Many of our client relationships started when they reached out to us to request emergency assistance from our Service Technicians or Wash Performance Specialists. We are known for being able to quickly diagnose and fix the most frustrating carwash problems.

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