Carwash Renovation

New Equipment Installation

Integrate your new equipment seamlessly with an EC renovation.

Carwash Renovations Done Right

Carwash renovations and equipment installations are complex. We do complex. Whether repairing a damaged machine or undertaking a full-scale carwash renovation, your new equipment needs to integrate seamlessly into your existing operations and equipment systems.

Navigate The Unexpected

Express Carwash’s experienced team of technicians will help you navigate renovation logistics more efficiently and limit downtime to get you up and running sooner.

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Why Make Carwash Renovations?

Positive ROI

Years of experience and data have shown us the profitability and value of renovating your carwash. Protect your investment and plan for the future.

Grow Your Club Memberships

The EC team can help you select the best updates for your equipment and amenities to stay competitive in the ever-changing market by growing your memberships.

Avoid Downtime

Replacing your tired equipment before a catastrophic failure will prevent unexpected downtime that could give your club members a reason to leave.

Our Process

The EC Approach

Identify Problem Equipment

First, our EC wash performance specialists identify any malfunctioning or deteriorating equipment hindering your carwash’s performance. 

Install New Equipment

After assessing your unique needs and consulting on potential options, we help you to identify the best solutions. When equipment replacement makes sense, we coordinate your order, and then our certified installation team integrates the new equipment with your current system.

Quality Check & Training

The EC technicians ensure all equipment passes a rigorous quality check and provide comprehensive training for your carwash team.

Why EC?

Carwash Renovations with Express Carwash


Custom Solutions

Every carwash renovation is unique. That’s why you need a versatile partner who can create innovative solutions for obstacles while using strategic planning to prevent unnecessary downtime.


75+ years of experience and proven data enable EC to help clients choose, navigate, and execute carwash renovation projects of all shapes and sizes.

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not tied to a particular machine. At EC, we value custom solutions, so our technicians are trained to understand carwash systems and can work with your existing equipment.

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Express Carwash is ready to partner with you on your next carwash project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you mitigate downtime during a renovation?

As experienced carwash owner-operators ourselves, the EC team knows downtime is costly. We work to ensure your carwash is down for the shortest possible time frame during renovations.

Just a few of the ways we mitigate downtime include:

  • Coordinating the best timing with your schedule and working around the business to only shut it down when needed.

  • We work with our EC technicians and suppliers to ensure all parts arrive in conjunction to reduce unnecessary delays.

Are there any equipment limitations on EC projects?

No, you don’t have to use any specific equipment or brand with us. EC prides itself on being “equipment agnostic,” so we can and will work on or install any equipment. We aim to help you choose the equipment that best serves your needs.

Can you repair damaged equipment?

Yes, we can repair your existing carwash equipment. EC technicians can repair and maintain all carwash equipment. Schedule a service call, and let’s get you back up and running.

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