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Build your own custom EC POH system to keep things running smoothly.

What you need, when you need it.

Set your operations team up for success with the Express Carwash Parts-on-Hand (POH) system, so you always have a clear view of your current inventory for preventative maintenance projects. Plus, quickly find the parts you need for emergency repairs.

As experienced operators who now also serve as carwash suppliers, we developed the EC POH system to make ordering carwash parts an efficient and direct process. 


Our EC System Capabilities


Quicker Inventory

With the POH system, taking an inventory at your wash can be an easy and quick 15-minute task every couple weeks or once a month.

On Hand

EC helps you to maintain a customized and organized set of your wash’s necessary components in a place where you can quickly find each part.

Web Portal

The EC POH system uses our web portal customized for you, so your team can be sure to order only what you will use in your unique wash.

Our Process

POH System Setup


The EC team will assess your current inventory and locate bottlenecks, blind spots, and areas for improvement.


Our EC wash performance specialists will work with your equipment layout to strategically design and develop your customized EC POH system.


We will train your team on our EC POH system to improve your efficiencies and avoid ordering mistakes that lead to unnecessary shipping, dead inventory, and wasted time searching for a buried-away part.


Why Us?

Your Carwash Supplier


Advanced Technology

We work to supply and test the most advanced equipment and parts from companies worldwide so that you can be confident in your equipment.


With 75 years of experience, the EC team has been able to develop systems to help clients navigate and improve their carwash operations.

Equipment Agnostic

Being “equipment agnostic” means we are not tied to a particular machine. Our wash performance specialists are trained in various machines and brands and can work with your existing equipment systems to improve performance.

Build Your POH System

Partner with EC as your carwash supplier and streamline your process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the EC POH system work for my equipment?

The EC POH system is tailored to ensure you have what you need for your equipment at your unique carwash.

Is the EC POH system affordable?

Yes, the EC POH system is designed to help you save time – and money! Different packages are available based on your wash’s unique needs and budget.

How will the POH system integrate with my current systems?

Through our assessment process, we gather the data we need to put together a custom EC POH system that will work with and improve your current carwash’s equipment and operations systems.

Have More Questions?

One of our experienced team members will happily help you!

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