Carwash Design

Step By Step

EC’s carwash design team is with you each step of the way.

Design Your Future

Navigate your carwash design process more effectively with the EC team. Through our experience and systems thinking approach, we help carwash owners design their future to achieve their lifestyle goals and build the business model they want.

Carwash Design

Plan with the EC Team

Express Carwash is a trusted advisor in the industry, helping clients address their market’s unique obstacles.



Advanced Technology

We work on and match you with the most advanced equipment from manufacturers worldwide to increase profits and wash quality.

Data-Driven Decisions

The EC team uses proven data on regional demand, equipment standards, and growth potential to help you make informed decisions.

Customized Design

We address your specific goals, design a custom project scope, and match you with the right equipment for the property.

Our Process

Designing with EC


Location is key. Your carwash’s future sales start with the dirt on which you build today. Do you own the land already? If not, we’ll explore and advise you on essential location variables.


We consult as you develop your plans. We help you select your equipment and create your drawings. Then we check the details so the complex equipment and dynamic operations systems will work together seamlessly in your carwash design.


With a carefully crafted EC plan, our Installation Project Teams get to work.


Our EC wash performance specialists help you get your doors open and give you the tools you need to create an exceptional wash experience for your customers.


Why Us?

Our Carwash Design Expertise

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not beholden to a particular machine.

We’re passionate about carwash design, so we are always looking for what will work best in each context. We aren’t tied to one type of equipment, location, or scope. We work to build the right carwash for you.

Retail Experience

With years of successful retail experience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of profit centers, matching machines to market, and the logistics of cost-per-car efficiency in the industry.

Machine to Market

Each equipment system can generate different profitability outcomes, and each market requires a special approach to build a competitive advantage. We help match you with the “right machine for your market.”


Work With EC

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data does EC utilize to advise in my market?

The EC team reviews all relative data to your market to assess opportunities, patterns, and expectations. We look at your property location, competition, environmental factors, and so much more as we work with you to create a scope of work.

What are the benefits of EC being equipment agnostic?

The EC team can and will work with any equipment, meaning we can get you the right equipment for the job based on your business goals, needs, and preferences.

Can EC help me improve my current carwash?

Yes. In addition to designing washes, we are always excited to help improve a wash. From wash performance to operations, the sooner we start working together, the more value we can provide to you and your team.

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