Carwash Remodel

Reimagine Your Potential

EC is by your side to help you make the crucial decisions for a better carwash.

Making Washes Better

The EC team helps clients differentiate themselves by critically inspecting and periodically remodeling their washes.

Know the signs. Is it time to consider a remodel? Our EC wash design specialists will explore the best solutions for your unique carwash remodel challenges.

  • Do the washes you’ve acquired reflect your current brand standards?
  • Is your equipment, building, or signage suffering degradation due to the harsh carwash environment?
  • Have you added a new wash that outshines your other locations?
  • Are you aiming to build club memberships?

Carwash Remodel

Reimagine with EC


Less Downtime

Our EC wash specialists can devise a game plan to minimize downtime during your carwash remodel.

Fewer Changes

The EC team knows how to work with your general contractors and reduce your change orders from subcontractors.

Quality Assurance

We review designs, recommend the right equipment, and eliminate the things we know can cause big problems in the future if you don’t get it right in your carwash remodel.

Our Process


We work with you to perform a site audit of your current wash, identify improvement areas, and begin developing your carwash remodel project plans.


The EC team works with you to implement project plans, coordinate delivery logistics, and facilitate the carwash remodel process.


We maintain regular and transparent lines of communication throughout the remodel process.

Carwash Remodel

Why do clients choose EC?


Advanced Technology

We source and test the most advanced equipment and detergents from companies worldwide, so you can earn more and repair less.

Data-Driven Decisions

Using proven data on regional demand, equipment standards, and growth potential, the EC team helps you make crucial decisions.

Custom Carwash Remodels

We explore your desired goals, create a customized project scope, and match the right equipment to your property and clientele.

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At Express Carwash, we are ready to serve as a trusted partner for your next carwash remodel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what point is a wash ready for a complete replacement versus a refresh?

The EC team makes this recommendation based on many factors.

  • Owner’s investment timelines
  • Expected ROI
  • Competitive advantage factors
  • Technology upgrades

While a refresh can return a wash to brand-new quality and efficiency, a complete replacement can transform your business outcomes and streamline your brand across multiple washes.

How will EC help me plan updates for an older wash?

An EC wash performance specialist will walk through with you and conduct an audit to figure out what’s working well, identify what is not working well, and recommend the next course of action for repairs or replacements.

How does EC mitigate downtime during remodels?

We strategically plan each project, coordinate deliveries and team logistics, and work closely with operators to maximize our team’s efficiency so that we can limit the amount of downtime required for carwash remodel projects.

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