EC Case Study:

Gas Station Wash Transformation

Wash n’ Run Carwash

Gas Station Wash Transformation

Wash n’ Run Car Wash

Whiting, IN


Brand Refresh

Tunnel Equipment Replacement

Customer Experience Optimization

When Ridgeway Petroleum acquired this dated carwash on a tight gas station property near Chicago, they knew they needed a transformation to bring it up to their Wash n’ Run brand standards.

Ridgeway Petroleum has worked with EC to build their business by leveraging carwashes as an additional profit center alongside their gas stations and convenience stores. For this complex project, EC worked with Ridgeway’s team to design and execute a strategy to take full advantage of this location’s limited space and give both club members and unique visitors a full Wash n’ Run brand experience.

The Process

EC’s Professional Guidance

Identifying the challenges.

Originally a gas station with a small carwash tunnel just outside of Chicago, the existing wash tunnel had reached the end of its effectiveness. Growth potential seemed limited because of the complex set of property and building factors. EC had to design a complete system of creative solutions to meet Ridgeway Petroleum’s needs and take full advantage of this unique location.

Delivering solutions.

  • Re-energized the existing real estate at a premium location by transforming a smaller, original gas station wash into a high-volume, high-quality express carwash. 

  • Enhanced point-of-sale process to generate higher ticket averages and club memberships.

  • Squeezed in a handful of free customer vacuums and a mat cleaner.

  • Replicated the Wash n’ Run experience for brand consistency across locations.

As the world transitions to using more electric vehicles, adding high-quality carwash options now is going to become increasingly important for gas station owners in the near future.

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