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Our Reputation

At EC, we serve as trusted advisors, helping each client navigate the unique difficulties and obstacles they face in their market.

We do hard things on purpose because we want the day to be better for everyone who comes in contact with our organization: our clients, our community, and our team members.

Our History

Where We Come From

What started as a single carwash owner with the goal of personal success transformed into the EC team who are now leaders in carwash innovation.

When Bub Besch opened his first carwash near Kansas City four decades ago, he set his son and current EC co-owner on his path to cultivate excellence in the carwash industry. Scott Besch connected with fellow wash owner, Chris Michael, and the two began growing their carwash portfolio while setting the foundation for a carwash systems design company. They enlisted the experience and support of Nathan Bertsch – and together they founded Express Carwash Equipment, LLC (also known by many as EC).

EC was built based on their experience, successful business strategies backed by data, and commitment to craft solutions tailored to clients. With their shared knowledge and expertise from different markets and regions, EC forged ahead – leaving business success stories and long-lasting partnerships in its wake.

Now boasting over 75 years of combined industry experience, Scott, Chris, and Nathan are leading the EC team to deliver outstanding results to carwash owners and operators worldwide.


Our Values

What Makes Us EC



We consistently push ourselves to find innovative solutions and develop the most advanced technologies to improve your carwash performance.


We believe in clear communication and transparency in our process, in our data interpretation, and in every carwash project’s expected results.


We are obsessed with being better tomorrow than we are today. That’s why we promote a radically open-minded, truthful, and accountable culture among our team.

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