Strategic Carwash Labor

We help carwashes
be better carwashes.

The Express Carwash (EC) team brings you the essential knowledge and experience when you’re ready to build a better wash, need service help, or want to reimagine the possibilities for your business.



Carwash Strategic Labor

From To-Do Lists to Done

Running a carwash business can be overwhelming. At Express Carwash (EC), we have the strategic carwash labor you need to get your work done right and done quickly.

  • Emergency Service
  • Carwash Equipment Installations
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Parts-on-Hand
EC technician giving guidance to carwash manager for blower system design

Worried about a big issue at your carwash?

We do hard things on purpose.

Nationwide Support

With our central location in Kanas City and technicians working across the country, we can quickly mobilize our install and service teams.

Any Equipment

Our experienced EC teams know how carwash systems work and have the skills to work on equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

Mitigate Downtime

We strategically schedule our teams and work closely with operators to maximize efficiency and limit downtime for special projects.

Why Us?

Carwash Equipment Expertise


We use proven data to solve problems based on decades of experience building and operating our own high-volume express carwashes and from helping others with everything from designing a tunnel remodel in a tight space to installing complex equipment in the largest carwashes.

Systems Thinking

We can solve the complex challenges that have emerged at your wash – and help you avoid them in the future. Our systems thinking approach enables us to find and facilitate the right technical solutions for you based on your unique location variables, project scope, business goals, and concerns.

Equipment Agnostic

Being equipment agnostic means we are not tied to a particular machine. We’re passionate about carwash design, so we are always looking for what will work best in each context. We aren’t tied to one type of equipment, location, or scope. We bring unlimited possibilities as we work with you to implement the right solutions.

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